Letter: A modest proposal

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Letter: A modest proposal

Sir: It is clear that the Government does not consider that the rearing of children can be called "work". The Government might therefore prefer that all women in the UK should stop rearing children so that they could, instead, engage in "real work". In contrast to the action suggested in another context by Lysistrata, this would hardly constitute strike action, and might even be applauded by the many men who have no desire to contribute to the bringing up of their own offspring.

Eventually, an ageing population without young people to support it could be taken over by such members of the EU as are willing to pay and respect women for the community service of producing the next generation.

This would be a long-term solution to the problem of idle lone parents, but perhaps Mr Blair would like to accelerate the process by sending all existing young children abroad, as an acceptable beef substitute. The mothers would not then require expensive child-care provision and could concentrate all their energies on making money instead of making the future population of these islands.


Teignmouth, Devon