Letter: A new church in Newcastle

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Sir: There must have been a shortage of national news yesterday (14 April). The departure of a mere 18 members of the Church of St Barnabas and St Jude in Newcastle to set up their own church is not an event of great significance in the life of the diocese of Newcastle, let alone the nation.

However, the extensive coverage you gave it might give your readers the false impression that the Church of England is in crisis in this part of the world. In fact, the reverse is the case. The diocese of Newcastle is thriving under good, orthodox, Christian leadership. Thousands of dedicated and committed people worship in its churches each Sunday.

If you are ever short of news again, there are many of us here who would be delighted to tell you about exciting and positive things that are happening at churches up and down the diocese.

Yours faithfully,


St Luke's Vicarage

Wallsend, Tyne & Wear

15 April