Letter: A real desire to remember

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In arguing that the Royal British Legion recruited me and that a bullying campaign was the result, your leading article "Repay the debt with dignity" (3 November) was based on a series of false premises.

With you I abhor jingoism and coercion and that is why I wrote the slogan: "An opportunity to reflect and to remember".

Originally I was approached by the Legion to assist with fundraising for a project. I told them that I could be of limited help but that for years I had wanted to reintroduce the Two Minutes Silence on Armistice Day and I volunteered my services to that end. We talked to the tabloids because they are the strongest voice in the media.

However much you may dislike their approach, the tabloids know their readers and those readers responded with tremendous enthusiasm. Between us we released a strong desire. Re-search last year showed that 93 per cent of people and 97 per cent aged between 15-25 supported the statement: "The Two Minutes Silence should become a regular feature of British life". What is important is that the people of this country have overwhelmingly expressed their support for a national opportunity during the working week for remembrance and reflection in addition to the silence on Remembrance Sunday.

You are right to rail against any form of bullying but you are wrong to taint the motives of the people involved.

Brian Basham

London EC1