Letter: A record of slavery

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Sir: Marika Sherwood (letter, 18 August) is correct in drawing your readers' attention to the existence of black slave/servants in Liverpool during the earlier part of the 19th century.

The Baptismal Registers of St George's, Everton, contain several references to slaves. For example:

26 October 1817. Charles Wallace, an African negro boy servant to George Seeley, late of Brazil, now of Everton.

18 February 1818. Nicademus John Nickolas, born in Santa Cruz, said to be 23 years old and a servant.

20 May 1818. Antonio Samuel Wylie, born in Mozambique and carried to Brazil as a slave, a servant to John Wylie.

15 November 1818. Samuel Barnes, born a slave in the island of Antigua, a gent's servant.

12 April 1824. Charles, an African negro bought at Buenos Aires, about 21 years old, servant to Fred Dickson.

Doubtless a search through the records of other churches in Liverpool and the surrounding district would reveal a similar story.

Yours faithfully,