Letter: A Romanoff perspective on Russian pretenders

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Sir: Andrew Higgins should have made the circumstances surrounding the demolition of the Ipatiev house clearer. Many would assume that as he 'presided' over the demolition, Boris Yeltsin was responsible for the decision to demolish the buildings in which Tsar Nicholas II and his family were murdered in July 1918.

Although it is true that the demolition took place when he was first secretary of the Sverdlovsk provincial committee, the decision to demolish the building would seem to have been taken in closed session by the Politburo and relayed marked 'secret'. The result of being a secret meant that the provincial committee of the party had to carry out the order and assume responsibility.

Mr Yeltsin has for some time let it be known that he felt the whole event was an act of barbarism and was another sad episode during the Brezhnev 'era of stagnation' of which Russia might well be ashamed.

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General Director

Russia '93 - Caring Hands

Erith, Kent