Letter: A small matter...

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Letter: A small matter...

IT'S A small thing, I know, but can I put matters straight on the subject of the actor Ian Holm's penis? In an interview with your paper (Eye, 19 March), he again claims - as in other recent interviews - that I wrote of his nude scene in King Lear: "I fail to see how Mr Holm could have possibly fathered three children with a member that size."

Apart from being biological nonsense, no such line ever appeared under my name. In a piece supposed to be about the bravery of actors playing naked, I quoted a member of the audience expressing surprise after the storm scene that Mr Holm had had three wives. Perhaps this is biological nonsense too, but is a general prejudice and was what the man said.

Incidentally, if I were Mr Holm's spin doctor, or wife, I'd advise him that the comment would be completely forgotten by now if he didn't keep dragging it up (inaccurately) in every interview.


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