Letter: A strike back in the boxing debate

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From Mr John Cuthbert

Sir: With regard to the recent debate triggered by the injury of the boxer, Gerald McClellan, to argue that one should not ban boxing because there will still be clandestine fights and British boxers fighting legally abroad is not sense.

In an effort to limit road accident deaths and injuries, we do not allow driving at more than 70mph on any road. Yet we know that some people do drive faster and that it is legal to do so in some other countries. There is no argument that we should remove our speed limits.

British society has to decide, possibly through our democratic government. Either we ban boxing on humanitarian grounds, or we accept that long-term brain damage and deaths will continue inevitably. Of course, similar arguments apply to motor racing, National Hunt racing, sailing, mountaineering, etc. But it is not valid to confuse them and say that if one potentially dangerous activity is allowed all should be. The present discussion is about boxing and we should focus on that alone and see it through to a definite decision by society.

Yours faithfully,


Redbourn, Hertfordshire

27 February