Letter: A stylish piece of fashion criticism

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Sir: 'No way to treat a lady' (Marion Hume's article on Karl Lagerfeld's latest collection for Chanel, 17 January) was refreshing in its honesty and objectivity; her subsequent piece (on the reaction that her critical piece provoked in Paris, 26 January) is a triumph. I would like to thank Ms Hume for not being part of the 'conspiracy of silence'; for her professionalism, her integrity and her independence.

Karl Lagerfeld is indeed removed from reality if he does not appreciate that comments such as hers are read and noted by today's students of fashion - the potential buyers, trainee managers, journalists and fledgling designers: the opinion leaders and taste formers of tomorrow.

I do hope Marion Hume's invitations for future fashion shows are not lost in the post.

Yours faithfully,


London, E18

26 January

The writer is a visiting lecturer in fashion studies at the London Institute.