Letter: A tenants' service

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David Connett's report on a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee made several references to Waverley Housing, an independent landlord in Scotland ('Housing deal hits the taxpayer for pounds 3.6m', 17 March). Waverley Housing refutes all of the allegations made against it by MPs, most of which are the subject of a civil action against the BBC in Scotland.

Waverley Housing Trust, an independent landlord with 1,164 tenants which owns the houses, is controlled by tenants who are elected by tenants. Neither the trust nor its subsidiary management company has any shareholding. Profits are not distributed. Tenants are guaranteed rent increases of 1 per cent maximum over inflation annually. Repair completion times are guaranteed. Tenants are compensated for service failure. Our contractual Assured Tenancy gives tenants a better deal than a Secure Tenancy.

Our critics, mainly local authorities, cannot emulate our performance and consider us a threat to their existence. Several local authority tenants have transferred their tenancies to Waverley Housing through 'tenants' choice'.

Waverley Housing is substantially different from the type of organisation depicted in your article.

Yours faithfully,


General Manager

Waverley Housing Management

Hawick, Borders