Letter: A transsexual life of sadness

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YOUR article 'The silicone sisterhood' (Review, 5 June) is typical of the media's treatment of gender deviations. It seems whenever the media sheds light on these subjects it is always the negative, sleazy light of immorality, poverty, prostitution etc - a spotlight on a freak show that does nothing to change the public's tolerance, understanding and sympathy of gender problems.

I am 29 and living as a 'man', though since childhood it has gradually dawned on me that I should have been born female. Teasing at school about my feminine looks and build and, later on in life, comments from 'friends' confirmed this to me. There is virtually no help for transsexuals, but if you do get it, it is a long, protracted business of stages that terrify me. I don't have money so stay like I am, in limbo. I have no ambition or hope.

Despite public ignorance and prejudice, the medical world knows cases can be medically valid, caused by chromosome disorders etc. Yet the problem is ignored. Ironically (to me), a childless couple is deemed worthy of expensive NHS fertility treatment to improve the quality of their lives - a life I already envy. My life (which I wouldn't wish on anyone) is a million miles from seedy nightclubs and prostitution. I'm a normal person with an extraordinary problem, and will always be classed as a pervert thanks to the media.

Name and address withheld