Letter: A two-tier Labour Party?

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AS A colleague of Liz Davies for many years, I must take issue with Mary Rooks (Letters, 8 October). Liz only broke the Labour whip on Islington Council twice in five years; many Labour MPs have broken the whip in Parliament more often; indeed Neil Kinnock broke it over 70 times and went on to become leader. It seems that the party leadership wants a loyalty that involves years of hard work as a councillor, but are now establishing a two-tier system whereby some such members are not wanted as Members of Parliament. Surely along with a member's responsibility to work hard for the party comes the right to represent it at all levels?

Socialists in the Labour Party do not want to remain in opposition. But once elected to government, we want to stay there - and we are increasingly worried that the current policies will not keep us in office.

Kevin Flack

London SE13