Letter: A voter lost in cyberspace

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Sir: The other night I thought I'd take a look at what the major political parties had to say for themselves on the World Wide Web. I have, I admit, what might be described as a steam-powered computer but it fulfils my usual personal and business Internet requirements. Here for the benefit of non-wired readers is what I found.

The Conservatives were apparently oblivious that anyone might still be using old technology, (my software is about 18 months old), I couldn't get past the first page which had little pictures showing the Houses of Parliament etc.

New Labour were better. After a glaring message about tax promises, they noticed I wasn't using the latest bells and whistles software and offered me a less flashy alternative. Sadly it didn't work.

The Lib Dem site was a refreshing change. A competent design allowed for the technical limitations of my setup. They told me what I wanted to know - and gave me the chance to give them some feedback.

Lastly I dropped in on the Monster Raving Looneys. Again I fared better than with the Tories or New Labour (ie no error messages), an explanation that their site is still under construction, contact details for the meantime and a kind invitation to come back later.

How should I vote, I wonder?