LETTER : A woman's place in the supermarket

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From Ms Anne Greenridge

Sir: Three cheers for Germaine Greer for voicing opinions about Sainsbury's with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Our local Sainsbury's began life innocently enough in the 1980s, being cautiously welcomed by residents. But with a toe-hold in the neighbourhood, it grew, buying up the local car park and adjacent hospital land until the whole village was Sainsbury's.

This once charming locality has now become a choked, heaving traffic nightmare. Acres of parking, signs siphoning the shopper along a pre-ordained route, compulsory entry through a Sainsbury's newspaper concourse; the customer is brain-dead before ever placing the first own-brand item in the trolley.

And life without Sainsbury's? Good food is certainly to be had elsewhere, with very much more time left to enjoy it!

Yours faithfully,

Anne Greenridge

Orpington, Kent