Letter: A woman's right to boost employment

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WITH RESPECT to your reporter Geraldine Bedell ('Why I want Tony Bland's doctor tried for murder', 21 March), surely it is those who support the death penalty for innocent victims of abortion and euthanasia and reject the death penalty for those guilty of serious crimes who are inconsistent, not Father James Morrow.

If your reporter was really puzzled by Father Morrow's linking the loss of four million babies through abortion in Britain with our high unemployment figures, she should surely have asked him at the time. If she had, he would presumably have pointed out that in their early years humans need a lot of care, attention, food and clothing, the provision and production of which would indeed have employed many people. In turn, these four million people would in time be productive workers, with children of their own, who in turn would need care and provision.

Dave Parry

Skene, Aberdeenshire