Letter: A woman's vision the world

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Sir: I must take up a cudgel to swipe at Andrew Graham-Dixon after reading his review of Georgia O'Keefe's show at the Hayward Gallery ('A legend in her own landscape', 13 April). If ever there was a male chauvinist view of artist endeavour, this is it.

Georgia, in my book, and I am not a defensive feminist, was the first artist (pace Angelica Kauffmann and Mary Cassatt) to pay no lip-service to male-dominated schools of painting. She developed her own vision of the natural world with stunning images of wonder, which can inspire us lesser mortals.

The results are not perfect: so, Goya was no great shakes as a draughtsman - but what an artist's vision of the world.

Yours faithfully,


Hythe, Kent

13 April