LETTER: A world with the will to make peace

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From Mr Stuart Fisher

Sir: Now that the war in Bosnia is over and a peace deal has been agreed, it is important that the Western powers do not make the same mistakes that they have done in the past, namely doing too little, too late. There is still some probability that the peace deal will collapse and that the conflict will restart all over again.

Once the treaty, to be formally signed in Paris next month, is in place, President Clinton must ignore any objections from the Republican Congress and send as many US troops as possible. As roughly two-thirds of the peace- keeping force will consist of European forces, European politicians must not show any of their previous indecision. There must be no delays; any problems must be dealt with now, before the treaty is signed, not after. Also, the peace-keeping force must not be allowed to become ineffective, in the way that UN forces were during the final stages of the fall of Srebrenica and Zepa.

What we have learnt from recent events in the former Yugoslavia is that solid and sustained diplomatic intervention, coupled with Nato air strikes when necessary, and a genuine desire for peace on all sides can bring a successful end to this conflict.

Yours faithfully,

Stuart Fisher

London, W5