Letter: Aaronovitch fan club

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DAVID AARONOVITCH should not fret over the inattentive women in the Canary Wharf lift ("Just suppose I looked like Leonardo DiCaprio...", 21 March), for he is the thinking woman's crumpet. I am not the only wannabe second Mrs Aaronovitch. No, we are a multitude.

That wit, that wisdom, those ex-Communist credentials, that handsome, sardonic stare. As for the corpulence, it is a welcome indication of sensuality - it's a good bet that a man who takes food seriously will have an equally diligent approach to love-making.

In theory, I would love to run away with your star columnist and have his babies, but infuriatingly, the most potent aspect of his allure is his loyalty, affection and respect for his wife and daughters, which by having him I would destroy. However, should this all be a sham, let it be known that I'd be up there at the head of the queue.


London E5