Letter: Abortion: time to speak out for a right women thought they had won

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Sir: I write to applaud and support Suzanne Moore (6 December).

Nearing seventy now, I lived as an adult through decades before the Abortion Act and knew just how awful things were for women pregnant without wanting to be.

I had truly thought a battle had been definitively won and that those days simply would not return, any more than that people would return to thinking the earth to be flat. So when the press has recently been reporting a serious political movement towards removing the possibility (far from a right, even under present legislation) of legal abortion, my heart has sunk.

I hope that the rest of the silent majority will become noisy against what dares to call itself the pro-life movement. More, let us be unequivocal and say that the law should be changed to make the choice of early abortion an unqualified right for women.


London SE24