Letter: Absent at the altar

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Sir: People are, of course, perfectly entitled to do as they please, and usually do, but I wonder if I am alone in finding that the article on weddings abroad ('Wilder shores of love,' 14 February) left a rather bad taste in the mouth?

As I read through the accounts of these 'magical' moments, it seemed to me that the real heroes of these tales were the parents and friends who 'appeared' not to mind not being able to share in this important celebration. The ones left out may have minded a lot, but unselfishly kept silent.

A marriage is, after all, a time of family celebration, and I wonder if, in years to come, when family memories seem to become more precious, there may be some regrets over the rather sad spectre of a wedding in a lovely but lonely place?

Yours faithfully,


Harleston, Norfolk