Letter: Accent on culture and tradition after Windsor fire

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Sir: Jonathan Glancey invited readers to send in their suggestions for redesigning St George's Hall in Windsor Castle (30 November). He promised to publish 'some funny, some matter-of-fact and some quite visionary' suggestions. All, when published, proved to be just jokey gimmicks unworthy even of Disneyland.

Mr Glancey must now realise he has been searching for something that cannot work. Contemporary architecture, as practised by the current architectural establishment, cannot be successfully introduced into Windsor Castle. It would be an alien element.

A design solution based on a thorough understanding of architectural history is required. This was the approach consistently adopted by all the architects working at Windsor, from Hugh May in the 17th century to Wyattville in the 19th century. It is also the right approach now.

Yours sincerely,


London, SE1

3 December