Letter: Acts of heroism

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Sir: Although I agree with David Nicholson-Lord that there are many heroes and heroines doing a quiet job in a quiet way ('What's so heroic about climbing Everest?', 18 May), I am sure that farthest from Rebecca Stephens' thoughts was the idea of fame when she decided to climb Everest. Also, I would imagine that Rebecca, since achieving this feat, has become more spiritually aware, as did the men who first stepped on the Moon.

As Mr Nicholson-Lord points out, maybe Ms Stephens' career prospects and earning capacity will increase, as perhaps will his by the book he has written on the history of attitudes to landscape and wilderness. He also mentions that man has explored, conquered and exterminated wildlife for centuries. Absolutely right. Maybe if women were to exercise more initiative, our wildlife, forests and environment would be safe in all corners of this amazing and stunning planet.

Yours faithfully,


London, SW3

18 May