Letter: Advice from the terraces

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I WAS present at the Downing Street demonstration on 17 July, when Barnet supporters carried a coffin to show our dissatisfaction over the treatment of Barnet Football Club ("Football bosses halt fans' charter", 18 July). You used a photograph of this to illustrate the "end of football as the people's sport". I accept that this is also true, but on this occasion we were demonstrating in particular against John Prescott's decision to block schemes to ensure that Barnet can get its club up to the required standard by the end of this coming season. One "refused" site (on the grounds that it is green belt) has just been acquired by a supermarket!

The fact that Barnet FC was not mentioned at all proves your article's point. Small Third Division teams simply don't matter any more. Neither do we, the pensioners who cannot afford to go to Premier matches or Sky to watch our football there.