LETTER: Afraid to fight for Europe

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From Mr Eric Sutherland

Sir: Three cheers for Polly Toynbee for articulating the disgust felt by many like me for the feebleness of the pro-Europe lobby. I would go further and accuse the majority of Tory MPs - as well as the majority of the Cabinet - of failing to speak out effectively against the misguided minority of Euro-antis in their party. Even if the media does give disproportionate space to the antis, I blame much more that absurdly silent majority. What are they afraid of?

I am a Tory supporter living in the constituency of Sir George Gardiner, and I pray that the pros get their act together and relieve me of the agonising choice between abstaining at the next election or voting Labour just to get us going again in Europe.

Yours sincerely,


Chipstead, Surrey

10 May