Letter: After Dunblane: we must reshape the way we live

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Letter: After Dunblane: we must reshape the way we liveSir: As a clinical medical officer I visit 18 schools on a regular basis. The majority already have secure entrances and one uses a video camera system. The majority also, however, have playgrounds with ready access to any intruder.

If schools are to be made more secure following the tragedy of Dunblane then playgrounds too will have to be safeguarded. The financial cost would be great and the possible detrimental effect on the quality of children's play impossible to measure. I am aware that time and money have already been spent upgrading entrance systems, but in isolation this can only be understood as an emotive response to a national loss. Play is serious business for children and it also needs to be considered before any further action is taken.

Dr James Watters

Wigan, Greater Manchester