Letter: After the fall of Srebrenica: intervention or withdrawal?

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From Mr Jakob von Uexkull

Sir: Andrew Marr (13 July ) is right about the disastrous consequences for us all if General Mladic is allowed to consolidate his victory. Mr Marr blames lack of preparation and leadership, but how can the UN, Nato and the EU still be unprepared? If they cannot stop Mladic, then how can anyone trust these institutions again?

Politicians who a few years ago claimed that we must be prepared to blow up the world in defence of democracy now proclaim the need to remain neutral between democracy and genocidal aggression. Their willingness to accept ethnic apartheid begs the question why the Second World War was fought.

No large-scale intervention is needed in Bosnia. About 50 per cent of Mladic's officers have already deserted. An EU ultimatum offering asylum, a limited amnesty and financial support would probably cause the remainder to leave.

Sincerely yours,

Jakob von Uexkull

London, W1

13 July

The writer is a former member of the European Parliament.