LETTER: Aftermath of the Quebec referendum

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From Ms Linda N. Wallan

Sir: In the aftermath of the referendum in Quebec, and as a federalist, I agree with Conrad Black that, while I would certainly deplore the breakup of my country, nevertheless some good things might come of it.

Not least would be the abandonment of the ridiculous law that says everything must be bilingual - except in Quebec where everything must be in French only. As French-speaking Quebeckers constitute less than 25 per cent of the total population, this lack of fair play against the majority is one of the major grievances that I hear from friends all over Canada.

Although Quebec separatists demand the right to their own sovereignty (while keeping the convenience of the Canadian dollar and passport), they appear to have given no thought to the pain that this would cause to the other 75 per cent of the population, especially the Maritimes. This makes Jean Chretien's promise of yet more concessions, including a constitutional veto, even more galling. Perhaps instead of concessions, the rest of Canada should let Quebec go, on condition that it relinquishes a corridor within its territory south of the St Lawrence River to allow Canada to remain a contiguous country.

Yours faithfully,

Linda N. Wallan

Highworth, Wiltshire