Letter: All clear after raids on Iraq

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The Independent Online
Sir: I am enlightened. The latest US bombing of Iraq, in the absence of a UN mandate, has answered many questions and clarified a few points about the five-year conflict.

1. If the Iraqis bomb the Kurds above the 36th parallel, it becomes imperative to bomb them in return, both at the site of fighting and everywhere else.

2. If the Iraqis bomb the Kurds below that parallel, no further action is necessary. This is not to intervene in the domestic problems of a sovereign nation.

3. If the Turks bomb the Kurds in Turkey or in Iraq, it is imperative to ignore the issue - quickly.

4. If the Kurds bomb each other, it is of no importance.

Therefore, Kuwait remains democratic, the oil flows freely at a cheaper rate and the Americans have a stronghold in the Arabian desert.

Why is it that nobody is happy?