Letter: All right Polly, I can take a hint

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Sir: Polly Toynbee ("Where do all the New Men go?", 2 September) may well be right in her underlying thesis, adhered to by a great many women: men are worthless.

Since men are worthless, they should be dispensed with. Step One is a euthanasia programme for all adult males, except only those 1 in 25 or so who - after DNA testing based on results from the Human Genome Project - may qualify as having a genetic make-up socially worth passing on. Step Two is to apply the DNA test to all new-born males.

Personally, having sired a brainy daughter and being hardly economically productive, I should be happy to volunteer for euthanasia. The only problem is, my wife and daughter would miss me. Yes, honestly.


Orpington, Kent