Letter: All will be revealed at Trust meeting

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Sir: I have read the letters from Mrs Webb (7 October) and Mr Theakstone (9 October), following the letter from Lord Kitchener and John Wilks (3 October) with interest and some dismay. I know that both Mrs Webb and Mr Theakstone are longstanding and loyal members of the National Trust, which makes it all the more sad that the impression which they have of the Trust is misinformed in almost every way. Clearly the way in which we represent ourselves to at least some of our members needs to be improved.

It would take much too long to answer in this letter all the points made by Mrs Webb and Mr Theakstone but I hope that they might be able to attend our annual general meeting on 2 November so that I can explain to them what the Trust is really like nowadays. Lord Kitchener and Dr Wilks will no doubt be there too, to present their resolution.


Chairman, The National Trust

London SW1