Letter: Almighty cheek of Tory moralists

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Sir: Andrew Marr is right to stress that 'there is an element of risk for any politician who gets involved in 'God's stuff' ' (20 May). The late John Smith could affirm his Christian values and not lose credibility precisely because he embodied his ideals. His integrity and sense of social justice was self-evident.

The reason why Tory Christians tend to be ridiculed is that the Government is largely responsible for the erosion of the social fabric of this country. British society, with its large gulf between the rich and the poor, and its rising poverty does not suggest a country ruled by the Christian values of equality and justice.

Politicians who profess their faith will only risk alienating voters if they fail to live up to their assertions and recommendations. Otherwise, as in John Smith's case, they are highly regarded and even revered.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW2