Letter: An alliance barring the way to peace

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Sir: As one who was also in the army in the early Seventies, David Worth's letter (23 March) struck a powerful chord. We were then at great pains to acknowledge that the solution to the Ulster problem would be a political rather than a military one.

We would have laughed at the idea that, more than 20 years and thousands of deaths later, the political scene would have changed so little. That in some cases the same political figures, though discredited, would still be holding the floor would have seemed preposterous.

At the last two general elections I have asked my MP what hope there was for a change. His responses have only strengthened my conviction that the solution will not be a political one. It will be a popular one, brought about by decent people in all the communities imposing their will on terrorists and politicians alike. The more you can do to encourage them and give publicity to their views the better.

Yours faithfully,


Hothfield, Kent

27 March