Letter: An amicable divorce that went awry

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Sir: With the divorce rate climbing, the article by Olivia Timbs 'Divorce is bad for you, try again' (1 September) is most timely. Thelma Fisher of the National Family Conciliation Council writes (letter, 3 September) of the threat to mediation, as a result of the Government dragging its feet.

I can say that my husband and I found mediation very helpful. We were able to cover ground in a civilised way, and in a fairly relaxed setting, with two skilful mediators, which is what might be expected with an amicable separation. All that was to change when my husband went to a solicitor, to have endorsed what had been agreed at mediation, and was told, 'There is no need for this excessive generosity, my dear chap.'

There followed 18 months of wrangling. The consequent stress - and expense - for both parties was unbelievable.

Yours sincerely,


London, W8