Letter: Analysis of the write stuff

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I ENJOYED the entertaining account of the use of graphology at a charity ball ('The writing at the ball', 24 July). But once again the light and trivial side of graphology was stressed, yet it has many serious uses.

The analyses of character from handwriting are very accurate. This method of personality assessment can be an aid to personnel, team-building, counselling, or even partnerships - anywhere the understanding of people and personality is important.

Serious graphologists spend a minimum of three years studying and the British Institute of Graphologists provides examinations leading to a Diploma in Graphology. The institute campaigns to foster high professional standards and to promote a wider understanding of the value of handwriting analysis in personal and professional life.

I hope that in future issues, there may be a more serious look at our profession.

Corinne Bible

British Institute of Graphologists

Hampton Hill, Middlesex