Letter: Ancient traditions in hospitable Greece

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Sir: Leonard Doyle's recent dispatch ('Greek bombers target the tourists', 13 June) understandably reports on last week's bombing in Athens, but the headline's misleading suggestion that this specifically targeted tourists is, to say the least, a less than logical leap of deductive reasoning.

Naturally, I wholly deprecate and condemn any action that might suggest that Greece is no longer the almost crime-free state tourists have come to expect or that Greece's natural hospitality and warmth towards visitors is any less than it has been throughout our long history.

I would simply like to reassure your readers that in fact the 10 million tourists (2.5 million from the UK) that visit Greece every year are not in any danger whatsoever from terrorist activities, as the experience of the last 20 years clearly shows.

Yours sincerely,



National Tourist Organisation

of Greece

London, W1

24 June