Letter: Angry and restrained voices in the campaign against racism

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The Independent Online
Sir: I am writing in response to your article 'Trotskyists blamed for race protest violence' (10 May). I find it shocking that after the biggest demonstration against racist attacks in a decade you choose to concentrate on a vitriolic attack against the march organisers by Marc Wadsworth of the Anti-Racist Alliance. Mr Wadsworth claimed that the organisation Militant Labour was behind the demonstration and had 'cynically exploited local feeling about racist murders . . . with a flagrant disregard for people's safety'.

Saturday's demonstration was organised in response to the anger felt by the majority of the local population at the racist murders that have taken place and the presence of the British National Party headquarters in Welling. Despite the lack of support from the Anti- Racist Alliance the local population, black and white, turned out in their thousands.

The demonstration was overwhelmingly peaceful due to the organisation and discipline of Youth Against Racism in Europe and Panther UK stewards. A small minority threw missiles outside the BNP headquarters but the situation was inflamed by the actions of the riot police seven deep outside the headquarters and the mounted police.

The role of groups like the Anti- Racist Alliance should be to unite with all those fighting racism and fascism, not to attack those campaigners who are actually prepared to campaign against the rise of


Yours faithfuly,


Youth Against Racism in Europe

London, E2

10 May