Letter: Anniversary of the escape from Sobibor

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Sir: On 14 October, 50 years ago, south-east Poland witnessed the most successful of all escapes during the Second World War, when 300 Jewish prisoners fled the extermination camp, Sobibor. The 50th anniversary was attended by representatives from around the world, including the US, Holland and Israel. What remains of the camp is the mound of human ash of the 250,000 who were murdered in the gas chambers. The memorial service unveiled plaques to commemorate the dead and a museum to record their history.

For those who escaped Sobibor, their whole lives have been dedicated to the camp. There are now only six survivors left. In the light of the frightening antics of the neo-Nazis that exist in all our nations, it is now undoubtedly our duty not to forget the heroism of those who survived and the horrors that were faced by those who did not.

Yours faithfully,



13 November