Letter: Anorexics are ragingly hungry

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Sir: A thought for those who are looking at the link between serotonin and satiation in anorexic people (report, 12 May). Over 20 years ago I lied and lied that I was full and could eat no more. I was so screamingly hungry I could only sleep four hours a night. I read books and made things to keep my mind and hands off food - it was a very busy and productive time - but I was ragingly hungry.

My younger sister also had a go at self-inflicted starvation and denied that she needed food. One day, before she took to falling over, she passed a pet shop. The smell of dog biscuits full of the nutrients her body craved was irresistible to her starving body. I don't know if some anorexics genuinely feel satiated. I do know that some are liars.


New Mills, Derbyshire