Letter: Anti-Hitler Communists who fail 'good German' test

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Sir: I read with some dismay Anton Gill (19 July) on the courage of those who paid with their lives for attempting to rid Germany of Hitler and his tyranny. In what was in many ways an excellent article, there was one serious omission. Of all the German conspirators against Hitler, Dietrich Bonhoeffer can be acknowledged as one of the most clear-sighted and consistent.

He was a remarkable Christian, quite apart from the circumstances that made his name familiar. Bonhoeffer fought a long and bitterly unrewarding battle against Hitler. Returning to Germany from a safe and lucrative life abroad, he challenged Nazi philosophy and practice with unflinching courage. After imprisonment in Buchenwald, he was hanged in Flossenburg in April 1945.

Yours sincerely,


Preston, Lancashire

20 July