Letter: Apartheid in Cyprus?

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Sir: I am a second generation Greek Cypriot. I am British and am privileged to live in England. I believe I have fully integrated, however I have a different heritage and culture.

The Turkish Cypriots have lived in Cyprus for centuries, and the mainland Turks, who were taken to the island in order to change its demography, have been there for 16 years; both have made a home on Cyprus. The culture and heritage of the island, despite many occupations throughout history, has remained strongly Greek.

There have been many mistakes in the management of the island since independence, and atrocities perpetrated by both sides are heinous crimes. This does not, however, validate the injustice of a people being permanently prevented from returning home.

Greek and Turk live side by side in peace and sometimes friendship in England. I pray that one day we may all be able to do so at home.

Yours faithfully,


London, SE3