LETTER : Arafat sets a fine example

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From Mr Lu'ayy Minwer


Sir: It is uncanny that bombing innocent civilians in Jerusalem by Hamas coincides with the resumption of the IRA bombing campaign in London. While the majority of the peoples these two organisations purport to represent have chosen the path of peace, Hamas and the IRA continue their vengeful activities regardless.

The recent Palestinian elections were a clear testimony to the Palestinians' desire for peace. Similarly, the "silent scream for peace" demonstrations in Ireland on Sunday are a rebuff to the IRA's militarism.

As a Jordanian Arab I am deeply outraged by this latest callous crime against Israeli civilians. Extremists should not be allowed to put back the clock. Israelis, Arabs and Irish should cling firmly to their belief in peace. The bloody cycles of violence must never again dictate their realities.

Yours sincerely,

Lu'ayy Minwer Al-Rimawi

London, WC2