LETTER: Archers in a stew

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From Mr Glyn Reed

Sir: Rather than promote Delia Smith and annoy Jill (letter, 16 January), perhaps Phil Archer should delve into Jennifer Aldridge's Archers' Cookbook.

In it he will find lots of good wholesome cooking such as "Rich venison stew" or "Nanny Pargetters's orange seed cake", both served at Lower Loxley Hall. Usha, I am sure, will give him a recipe for "Indian spiced lamb with raita" and at Bridge Farm, Pat makes Tony a "Rich beef ragout" laced with alcohol. Then, while he is debating the benefits of English pudding rice with Betty, he could ask her for the recipe to "Betty's gooseberry, orange and mustard relish" or Mike's favourite, "Betty Tucker's budget bake".

Finally, if Phil is looking for reliability, Jean Paul, chef at Grey Gables, says of the book, "C'est magnifique! This charming collection of recipes is in the very best tradition of English cookery."

Yours faithfully,

Glyn Reed

Uffington, Lincolnshire