LETTER: Are banks money shops or business partners?

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From Mr C. W. Walmsley

Sir: I am worried that the Lloyds bank case ("Victory over bank's 'bad advice' ", 5 September) will make it more difficult for directors of small firms like myself to build and maintain a working relationship with the bank.

When I started my company about three years ago my bankers provided a pro forma for cash projection and profit and loss. Subsequently they agreed to open the business accounts. At no time did I expect them to comment on the feasibility or otherwise of the venture. What I expected them to do was to ensure that I had worked the numbers.

During the period since, I have found them to be fair, and overall it has been a normal commercial relationship. It would be a pity if as a direct result of this recent judgment there are further restrictions imposed on relationships between small businesses and their bankers.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Walmsley

Cookham, Berkshire