Letter: Are we Blair's willing bombers?

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I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Ted Dunn's support of "Nato considering the idea of a Marshall Plan for the Balkan region"(Letters, 18 April). It is time to look at what the West's actions have achieved in Kosovo. Apart from being outside international law, Nato bombing has not helped those it allegedly intended to help. In fact it has escalated the conflict and further destabilised the region.

Bombing Serbia will not stop the suffering of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. There is no historical precedent in which a nation was bombed into submission. On the contrary, there is a long list of instances where bombings just increased the defiance of the bombed nation. Second, there is no logic to bombing civilians and infrastructure, because in the short term that will not stop the military conflict in Kosovo. Third, there is never a moral justification for bombing civilians. The Nato air aggression must stop. It has failed.