Letter: Are we Blair's willing bombers?

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"NEVER, SURELY, in all history has there been a war which so quickly, so comprehensively, has precipitated exactly the opposite of what was intended" says Rupert Cornwell ("A very strange way to fight", 18 April). He clearly assumes that the consequences of Nato's action are the opposite of what was intended.

A more instructive approach would be to ask whose national interests have been served. Ethnic cleansing, regional destabilisation and a resurgent nationalist Russia have raised the gravest threat to Europe's security and prosperity since the fall of the Wall. With the exception of a substantial military bill, the US meanwhile emerges comparatively unscathed. Perhaps a politically chastened and militarily vulnerable Europe is not a bad result for a United States which only weeks ago was bracing itself for a trade war with the newest economic superpower in town. Fantastic as it may seem, the deliberate destabilisation of a region is quite consistent with US foreign policy activities in Latin and South America, Africa or Asia.