Letter: Arrest of joyriders

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Sir: Malcolm Pithers in his article on car thieves ('Joyriders accused of trying to kill police in crashes', 9 January) may have unwittingly suggested that the West Yorkshire Police do not arrest many of the young people involved. He was right to suggest that we do not always manage to arrest at the time, but we are frequently successful in our follow-up inquiries.

In the Leeds sub-division, which includes Halton Moor estate, during the last six months 195 arrests have been made for the different offences of taking, aggravated taking and theft of motor vehicles.

Some people will have been arrested more than once, and many have admitted multiple offences. No matter what different threats are made, the officers of the West Yorkshire Police will continue to carry out their duty to serve the public.

Yours sincerely,


Deputy Chief Constable

West Yorkshire Police


West Yorkshire

9 January