Letter: Arrogance and other qualities

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THE characteristics of ignorance and arrogance are omitted from the list of 'unique human qualities' listed by Langson King Daka (Letters, 18 July). The writer is obviously ignorant of the detailed studies of the upper Primates by eminent behavioural authorities such as Goodall, Fossey, De Waal, Schaller and Kohler, which indicate that all of the human qualities suggested by Daka are not unique to Homo sapiens.

Is it not arrogant to assume that humans are the only species to possess intelligence? Recent studies indicate that the learning capability of a baby chimpanzee is comparable and in some cases superior to that of its human counterpart of the same age.

Given the choice, apes may well prefer extinction to sharing an existence alongside a race of oppressive and selfish bipeds.

Clive J Moss

Rednal, Birmingham