Letter: Art of drawing

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From Mr Robert Tilling

Sir: I greatly enjoyed reading "Learning to look really hard" (7 November) in which David Hockney expressed a fear for the future of drawing, particularly in our art schools.

I can assure Mr Hockney, from my experience of nearly 30 years of teaching art in schools, that drawing is certainly alive and well. In particular at GCE and GCSE level, although he would like to see such examinations abolished, there is some very exciting drawing being produced. Teachers are also being directed by the new national curriculum in art to encourage their students to draw and observe carefully the world in which they live.

I cannot really comment on the state of drawing at our art schools and universities, but there is a great deal of good drawing being produced which will be well illustrated by the next Cleveland International Drawing Biennale.

In my experience the majority of school students want to draw and enjoy drawing and, if they really wish it, most children can produce lively and interesting work. More interest should be focused on drawing in schools and particularly at Advanced GCE level. Here, I suggest, is a strong foundation for the future.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Tilling

Head of Art

Victoria College


7 November