Letter: Artistic suede shoes

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Sir: You may occasionally find it valuable to employ slightly older journalists. The mysterious text "One for the money/ Two for the show . . ." employed by the artist Lawrence Weiner and analysed in critical depth by Judith Palmer ("Forget icebergs, let his escalator take you for a ride", 6 January) is in fact the opening lines of the existentialist masterpiece "Blue Suede Shoes", a song written and recorded by Carl Perkins in 1956.

Please ask Ms Palmer to watch out for my upcoming entry for the Turner Prize, which expresses the eternal torment and surrealist futility of human existence and consists of the phrase "A-Wop-Bop-A-Loo-Bop-A-Lop- Bam-Boom" written in crayon on the back of an old envelope.


Broadstairs, Kent