Letter: Artistic times

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From Ms Marjorie Crossley

Sir: Dr L. C. Laming's letter ('Designed for success', 28 March) reminded me that when I was teaching sculpture at the Regent Street Polytechnic shortly after the war, Anthony Caro arrived as a new student. As he passed where I was hand-carving some stone, he asked me how long it would take to finish it. When I replied, he exclaimed, 'What a waste of time]'

'Instant' sculpture is not possible with the traditional materials of wood, stone and bronze, so Anthony was wise to choose the materials of the engineer - the skills of the motor mechanic and his materials for the success he wanted.

I feel inclined to echo Anthony Caro's words: 'What a waste of time]'

Yours faithfully,



29 March

(Photograph omitted)