Letter: Ashdown keeps his distance

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Ashdown keeps his distance

Sir: Your leading article (20 January) was "intrigued" that no one has denied that Paddy Ashdown and Tony Blair have had discussions about Cabinet seats. You should have asked. I can state categorically that Paddy Ashdown has never discussed Cabinet seats with Tony Blair or anyone else. Your editorial also suggested that Paddy Ashdown and Menzies Campbell would have to join the Labour Party if they were to accept any Cabinet positions. This suggestion is as bizarre as it is ridiculous.

The Liberal Democrats are an independent party, with clear, distinctive policies, and we will be fighting every seat in the country to win. What is more, it is now crystal clear that whether you want comprehensive modernisation of our political system, principled protection of your civil liberties, or significant new investment in education and health, only the Liberal Democrats will now make the difference after 18 years of Tory government.


Head of Press and Policy

Paddy Ashdown's Office

House of Commons

London SW1